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PsiSync and Using Agenda

If you have read the PsiTeach Agenda page, you will be planning how to set up your Agenda for your timetable. Backing up using PsiWin is a must, but what about using your desktop machine? After all, good though a Psion is, given the choice we'd all rather use a bigger screen and keyboard. If you are using a Series 3a/c or Siena and Microsoft Outlook 97 or 98 (but not Outlook Express) there is a shareware application which will synchronise the diaries in both applications, plus other functions (see my review for more details). It is well worth having, and good value, but there are some points on it's use worth noting. (Series 5 owners can synchronise from PsiWin 2.1)

If anyone uses the diary part of IBM Works for OS/2, click here for information on linking Agenda to that.